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Posted by | November 17, 2009 | Job Search

When we look around we see a lot of information. We see who is hiring I mean after all we do run a job board. So this post is dedicated to those that are looking for work in the state of Florida.

Florida is home to many companies, has the blah blah blah largest workforce demographic. Look, I know all that stuff is irrelevant what you need to know is where are the jobs.

MyFlorida is a good place to start looking for jobs with the state of Florida. When you Google “Florida jobs” they are one of the first results.

Jobing lists several local employers and seems to be one of the new generations of job boards. Many positions and if you have not been looking there you are definitely missing out.

JobHunt.org maintains an extensive list of links to many unique florida job sites, including private companies and state agencies. Another can’t miss site to check out for Florida Jobs.

From a job boards perspective….We know that in this economy the bulk of the jobs are in Sales, Medical, and Finance. These sectors are dominating every other category with the amount of jobs to be found online.

As always we hope this information helps you in some way. We wish we could help everyone find a job, hopefully some of the information we pass along helps you.

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