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As a job seeker, how can you protect yourself from job scams that are posted right alongside legitimate jobs? There are still job scams being posted every single day on sites like Monster, CareerBuilder and especially Craigslist. Why are these people preying on job seekers through job ads? Because they want your personal information. They want your name, your address, your phone number, your email address and your place of employment (or last employment). They compile the information from the resumes they receive from the fake job ads. It’s all part of an elaborate scheme to collect and sell personal information for the purposes of identity theft.

Don’t become a victim! Protect yourself by recognizing the 2 main indicators of a scam job:

1. The job title is basic. Administrative Assistant, Intern, Customer Service, etc. By using very generic job titles they are casting a wide net hoping to catch as many job seekers as possible.

2. The description is basic or seems too good to be true. Everything about their job ads screams “easy”. Again, they are casting the widest net possible.

Here is an actual scam job posting we encountered recently: “This company is seeking an experienced administrative assistant for an immediate opening. You must have direct experience with invoicing, accounts receivable, payroll and general clerical responsibilities. You must be proficient with computer applications including Excel, Word, Outlook and Quickbooks, or similar accounting platform. You must have an outgoing personality, strong attention to details, excellent organization skills, reliable accuracy and be capable of working with minimal direction. We provide a competitive hourly wage that is commensurate with experience. This position is for full time employment. Compensation includes wages, healthcare benefits package, 401K, etc.  Applicants must be over 18 yrs old and able to pass both background check and drug screening. You must be free and clear from any existing non-compete agreements.”

It sounds like a legitimate job, right? That’s part of the trick. They want you to have a hard time recognizing it’s a scam. The ad above was for “Stanley Furniture” in Springfield, VA. According to an article in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Stanley furniture cut 530 jobs in the last year.  That’s a red flag.

The bottom line? Don’t send your resume anywhere without researching the company first. If you can’t identify the name of the company from the job ad, and you value your personal information, we’d advise against sending your resume. This is obviously a personal choice to make/chance to take but the surest way to protect your information is to know who you’re sending it to.

JobShouts™ is pleased to announce its integration with Broadbean, the global leader in job posting distribution and sourcing analytics. The integration was spearheaded by Broadbean’s internal development team and was completed just recently. Kelly Robinson, CEO of Broadbean says, “Broadbean has grown so significantly over the last ten years because of relationships – our relationships with job boards and job board channels, as well, as our many tech partners and of course, our clients. It is for this reason that we are happy to engage and integrate with JobShouts. With the reality that social media is a new and incredibly fast communication tool, Broadbean is eager to work with companies like JobShouts that not only understand that shift, but embrace it.”

This integration should be of particular interest to employers looking to tap into social recruiting. Says Rayanne Thorn, US Marketing Director for Broadbean:“We first met JobShouts through real-time social media channel Twitter, we soon saw the direction they were headed and we were eager to learn more and see if there was a possibility for a partnership. It was when we met in real life that the true partnership was moved forward. Broadbean is innovative and happy to introduce new channels to our clients. We welcome JobShouts to our table.”

JobShouts President, Robin Eads, comments: “Broadbean’s product is a time and money saver for recruiters, which is something we have always strived to be. We are proud to be included in their service offering.”

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When we look around we see a lot of information. We see who is hiring I mean after all we do run a job board. So this post is dedicated to those that are looking for work in the state of Florida.

Florida is home to many companies, has the blah blah blah largest workforce demographic. Look, I know all that stuff is irrelevant what you need to know is where are the jobs.

MyFlorida is a good place to start looking for jobs with the state of Florida. When you Google “Florida jobs” they are one of the first results.

Jobing lists several local employers and seems to be one of the new generations of job boards. Many positions and if you have not been looking there you are definitely missing out. maintains an extensive list of links to many unique florida job sites, including private companies and state agencies. Another can’t miss site to check out for Florida Jobs.

From a job boards perspective….We know that in this economy the bulk of the jobs are in Sales, Medical, and Finance. These sectors are dominating every other category with the amount of jobs to be found online.

As always we hope this information helps you in some way. We wish we could help everyone find a job, hopefully some of the information we pass along helps you.

Where to Post Work

Posted by | November 12, 2009 | Social Recruiting

When you need post work, you have a job to fill.  It can be difficult to determine where to post those jobs. Unfortunately there are not a lot of low cost solutions. Most high traffic job boards are very expensive and deliver sub standard results. Some work some do not. Where then should you go for your job advertising needs.

There are a few low cost sites like and . JobShouts is scraped by the three major aggregators, Simply Hired, Indeed, and JuJu. Jobs are also pushed to twitter, facebook, identica, and friendfeed. Soon free job ads will be limited to 1 per month. Try out the service and see what kind of results you get.

Post Work at craigslist as well. Most cities are still free, the major markets have a fee for posting job ads. You will get responses from craigs list for a lot of positions from programmers to carpenters, we highly recommend you try that as well too.

hairpull23Face it: job searching right now is a bear for nearly everyone. It is harder for some than for others but by and large anyone looking for a new job is struggling to find one. We can analyze why; fewer jobs, employers are more selective, etc. Many job seekers turn to job boards and social networking as tools for their job search. There has been a lot of negative feedback from job seekers about the use of job boards and the lack of response from employers using these job boards. “Are they real jobs?” “Why don’t they respond?” “I feel like my resume goes into a black hole!”

By the same token, employers complain about the lack of quality applicants on job boards. Job seekers fail to follow application instructions or reply to positions for which they aren’t qualified. Employers become complacent about responses from job board applicants, likely thinking they aren’t going to find the candidate they want to hire in that stack.

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