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Tips for Landing Your Dream Job

Posted by | July 22, 2015 | Career advice


A majority of people in the world, if not everyone, has dreams and goals of landing their ideal job. The harsh reality is that not everyone gets to work in their dream careers. In fact, it is just a small percentage of employees who actually get the satisfaction of landing their dream job. The result of this is that you, as an employee or employer, may end up resenting your job, hating your colleagues or even having bouts of depression. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. It would be misleading to think that those few, with their dream job, got there just by sheer luck. There must have been some pointers and tips that they took into account in order to land their dream job. Some tips and advice on landing you dream job will therefore be discussed in this article.


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Obviously the first thing you would want to consider before embarking on journey to look for work. For this case, your dream job, is assessment of your qualifications. Qualifications, more often than not, go hand in hand with skills, experience and expertise.

It is common to hear a person complain about lack of experience being the one thing that stands between them and their dream job, especially for fresh graduates. This should not be the case, instead, be positive and start assessing yourself. First thing’s first write up a professional resume then work on the rest. As a graduate, you must have worked as an intern in a firm that’s relevant to your field. During that internship you must have picked up or polished some skills, even those you think that are not directly related to your field. It is actually surprising that employers are not just interested in your primary skills, rather what you studied for in your campus degree but also other corporate skills as well; skills that involve client relationship, general sales and general computer skills. Also, some secondary skills you might have picked up such as project management. Highlight these on your resume and they will serve as your qualifications, skills and experience.

Job Search- Tips for Landing Your Dream Job

This is usually the trickiest part, particularly for those who are currently working somewhere else but want to start looking for another job, their dream jobs. Some tips are discussed below.

First of all, you don’t want to make any rush decisions which you might end up regretting. So you can still be working at your current job while actively looking for that job you so much want. One way to do this is by working part-time or as an intern, in that company you wish to join. Doing this will give you a little more experience about the field and company while still maintaining your current job.

If doing that is not possible, perhaps you may try making baby steps by attempting to network or socialize with the company’s employees or attending functions during your free time.


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Dressing for the Job Interview

The interview is a very important aspect since it is the time that the potential employers get their first impression of you. You therefore, need to dress professionally and appropriately. For most job interviews, a normal dark colored official suit will do. Make sure that your hair is well done and your attire is very clean not to mention getting rid of body odors and bad breath if that is a problem.

Mistakes by Job Seekers

Some common mistakes made by job seekers are inadequate preparation of the interview and poor negotiation skills. All this can be avoided by early preparation and prior practice.

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