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Most recruiters use job postings as a means to an end. They use them as extra hands when they have a full desk, to develop pipelines or for brand representation/perpetuation. Whether you’re posting jobs for any or all of these reasons, it is important to recognize the impact (or lack thereof) that job postings can create.

When I worked in agency recruiting, I frequently used documentation from clients to post jobs. It was easy to copy and paste what they had already put together and get it “out there”. I failed to realize that in doing that, I wasn’t creating much desire for job seekers to reply to my post. I started looking at my job postings more closely and noticed that if I rewrote the posting in my own words, I got much better responses. I would include information about my client that I knew would entice the applicant, without revealing who the client was. After all, I knew from my relationship with my client what they were really looking for – not just skills but candidate personality. I wrote the job postings to attract that type of personality. Sure, re-writing the job posting took more time but it paid off. I got more responses. I got better responses. I got hires. Even if you’re in HR and you’re posting on behalf of a hiring manager, you can still add verbiage to the specs you’re given to attract the right candidate.

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The emergence of job search engines has directly impacted the importance of good verbiage in job postings.  Most recruiters don’t know that cross-posting the exact same job to multiple job boards doesn’t increase the chances of finding a candidate match, nor does it increase the number of postings that show up on the search engines. Indeed and SimplyHired filter out duplicate listings and only list the posting that they indexed first.  Accordingly, if you copy and paste the client requisition word for word – and 5 other companies have done the same – there is a big chance that your posting might not even get seen on the job search engines. Write your job specifically for your audience. Are you hiring for a Telephone Answering Service? Then say so.


This means knowing what part of a client requisition is important and what part isn’t. It means including relevant key words that your candidate audience is searching for. It means including information about the environment, the benefits, the hiring process and so on.  Many candidates are apprehensive to respond to vague job postings. They fear it’s just another “black hole”, a potential scam job, or in some cases, that it might be their current (or former) employer.

Confidential postings really turn job seekers off. If you want to remain confidential about the search, then hire a headhunter – don’t post the job on the internet. Don’t expect a job posting to be a silver platter, either. If you have a hard to fill position, a job posting is just another vehicle to perpetuate the message that you’re looking for that person. It still doesn’t mean that person is looking for your job. In other words, you’re still going to have to work on it. In some cases though, using appropriate key words to attract passive candidates can work. For instance, your job posting could turn up in a Google search when they are searching for other things pertaining to their industry or career. Pick your key words carefully! Don’t just dump them all into a meaningless paragraph at the bottom of your job posting.

The information you include in your job postings speaks volumes about your company, your recruiting practices and your professionalism. The bottom line is – job postings are advertisements for your company; represent yourself well.

Any work out there?

Posted by | November 29, 2009 | Job Search

Trying times have people trying new methods when looking for jobs. While lists over 1300 currently available positions, that is no where near the number of actual jobs that are out there. We back fill positions from Indeed, and Simply Hired. In addition there are a few other sites worth mentioning. – A newer job board that only lists positions from employers web sites. – a great new gen job board that is broken down into regional sections.

When we look around we see a lot of information. We see who is hiring I mean after all we do run a job board. So this post is dedicated to those that are looking for work in the state of Florida.

Florida is home to many companies, has the blah blah blah largest workforce demographic. Look, I know all that stuff is irrelevant what you need to know is where are the jobs.

MyFlorida is a good place to start looking for jobs with the state of Florida. When you Google “Florida jobs” they are one of the first results.

Jobing lists several local employers and seems to be one of the new generations of job boards. Many positions and if you have not been looking there you are definitely missing out. maintains an extensive list of links to many unique florida job sites, including private companies and state agencies. Another can’t miss site to check out for Florida Jobs.

From a job boards perspective….We know that in this economy the bulk of the jobs are in Sales, Medical, and Finance. These sectors are dominating every other category with the amount of jobs to be found online.

As always we hope this information helps you in some way. We wish we could help everyone find a job, hopefully some of the information we pass along helps you.

Guerrila Job Search Tactics – 101

Posted by | November 12, 2009 | Job Search

job_searchIn this time of record unemployment this post is an attempt to research and delve into unique ways to locate a job. What craziness or unique and different ways are job seekers using to attract an employers attention to get the offer letter. Keep this in mind…your mileage may vary.

Continue reading » has been working really hard to transition to next level and build something of true value to employers, recruiters and job seekers.

For employers and recruiters, our newest tool is now in beta testing and we need your help and feedback! We’ve put together a search tool we call Social Search, that allows you to search multiple social networks in one click. You can search for specific skill sets on social networks such as Twitter, FaceBook, MySpace, LinkedIn, VisualCV, Spoke, Jigsaw and more (we can release additional networks as they come online)


Check out Social Search, see what it can do help streamline your pipeline development. Do a search, search for PHP in Dallas, “Business Analyst” in Ontario, Cosmetologist in NYC – anything!  From these results, you can click through to the social profiles to view them. Our “Shout Bar” will iframe the profile and allow you to “Star This” candidate for later evaluation. (the “star this” feature is not fully developed at this time, so while you can star candidates, you don’t have the ability to view them) That’s a feature reserved for premium employers.

We’d like to gauge interest in this tool to help us determine value, pricing, etc. For now, it’s free. 😀 Tell all your friends and let us know what you think! Comments, questions – all feedback is welcome!!