What are Customers Saying About JobShouts?

Here at JobShouts, we believe in providing great customer service and an innovative product. But don’t just take our word for it – here’s what our customers have to say!

“JobShouts is leading the way in how companies promote jobs via social media! The service they provide is current and easy-to-use. And, their team has been fantastic to work with; they’re very responsive, supportive and professional.”

~ HR rep. at major U.S. insurance company

“I have been using JobShouts!  for 3 months now and am very pleased with the QUALITY of the candidates responding to the postings.  The rate of return is 95% qualified candidates from JobShouts! rather than up to 95% unqualified candidates from the (other) job boards. THANK YOU JobShouts!

~ Karen Koopmann, CPC – Koopmann Personnel

“JobShouts has become a tremendous resource for me and my firm. In using JobShouts regularly, I love having the ability to leverage the most current social media tools (JobShouts Social Search tool), to identify passive candidates (it’s like LinkedIn on steriods!) I also find posting our jobs with JobShouts provides us with a much larger reach, often yielding higher-quality candidates.” 

~ Glenn Manko, GalanSearch, Inc.

“I was able to utilize JobShouts and the platform enabled me to tap into some pockets of candidates that the big boards weren’t hitting. Moreover, to be able to show my posting as a Twitter post on a high volume Twitter user with virtually no effort made me look (really) good.

Over an 8 week span we had nearly 50 applicants apply to our technical positions as well as a few of our management positions. A good percentage of those that applied (60-65%) qualified for phone interviews.

I appreciated the ability to directly communicate with the candidate via email. That aspect enabled me to move highly qualified candidate through our processes more efficiently.”

~ Talent Acquisition Team Member at a National Recruiting Firm

“JobShouts has proven to be a very valuable resource for candidates in various technical disciplines relating to the Life Sciences.  We have found success utilizing their service since it’s inception and plan to continue to enjoy future activity.”

~ Jeff Sieracki, TalentWRx Area Manager, Carolinas

“We have had great success in posting our positions to JobShouts!  The staff at JobShouts are extremely helpful in making sure we are reaching out to qualified candidates.  By working with various social networking sites, JobShouts allows our postings to be seen by candidates all across the web!”

~ Jessica Calabrese, Recruitment Assistant at Synacor, Inc.

“We recently had our first experience with posting a job opening on a social network. We chose jobshouts.com, had a  really lively response and were able to hire directly from our posting! Great experience, looking forward to using jobshouts.com again.”

~ Debbie, C.S. McCrossan