Proven Results:

These graphs were pulled from statistics obtained from our tracking tools. We deliver candidates from numerous sources from social channels to job aggregators like Indeed. When you break down the numbers, you notice an educated (College – Grad School) audience. JobShouts works for diverse audiences and delivers quality over quantity.

We challenge you to give us a try for free. You have nothing to lose and if we work well, you’ll be thankful you did. We realize that we cannot possibly be everything for everyone. That’s why we offer a test drive. The job advertisement market is competitive and expensive. In order to win your business, we want to know if we are a good fit for your talent needs. Test JobShouts, make the determination. We think you will like the results.

Quantcast Metrics 2010

Quick Exposure:

When your ad is published visibility is immediate. Traffic from a variety of sources will provide exposure across several networks. This is why we have tailored our system around 30 day ads, and geographical targets. By keeping this tried and true formula intact, you maximize visibility for your position geographically.

The following charts show our metrics for a customer service position recently advertised on This position received over 40 applications. It is also within our client’s sweet spot. Affordable, focused candidate traffic and effective.

Initial Traffic Metrics


As you can see from the graph the initial 24 hours after a job is ‘shouted’ out to our networks is when the most visibility occurs.


Where our traffic comes from:


Our Metrics

Part of our philosophy at JobShouts is to provide as many metrics and give as much control to the employer as possible. We are putting together a cost effective alternative solution for small to medium sized businesses. Join us as we build what countless employers and recruiters have asked for. The next generation affordable social media hiring portal.