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Posted by | September 27, 2011 | Job Search

This question really hits home with us here at jobshouts. We hear it all the time. So many of our friends, friends of friends, and friends of family members. They all ask the same question can you help me find a job?

Since 2009 when we officially built our brain child, we wanted to give employers a way to connect with job seekers. That is also what still drives our development efforts. Since our launch we have signed on over 100 different fortune 500 employers and numerous smaller businesses.

First I want to reiterate that we will always be spam and scam free. We are diligent in who we accept into our employers roster. Never will you find a job that you might be scammed from.

Our next phase is going to shake the industry up some. We are aiming to let employers and business owners be proactive in their employee screening and recruiting process. Stay tuned there’s plenty more to come.

It is our job, to help you find a job. That is our mission and prime focus.

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