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Posted by | March 13, 2012 | Job Search

This was a guest post written by Jillian A. She helps run the job resource site Here, you can find downloadable job applications such as an Old Navy Job Application as well as hundreds more.

Today, most employers require that you fill out an application via a computer, but what many still allow you do is apply via a piece of paper. If you’re finding that you’re going to want to apply for a job soon, and you’re going to pick up a paper application, there are some things that you should note before you hand it in. If you fail to fill out the application out the right way, you could quickly find your job application in the trash can.

When you apply for a job at just about any company, listed below are the things that you’re going to more than likely see on the application.

Personal Information – This is going to include all of your personal details such as your name, address, your city, phone number and if you have been convicted of any felonies. Remember that you never want to lie on your application as many companies today have extensive tools that can check for these things.

Education – This is an important part of most positions. This is going to ask for schools, the colleges that you have attended, your major and the degree that you have received. It’s going to give them a good idea on what kind of education you’re going to have. Since some jobs are going to require an education, it’s best to jot down any education that you have.

Position – The next thing that comes is the position that you’re interested in applying for. Since there are so many positions with various companies, you’re going to want to jot down the one that you’re interested in. For instance, if you wanted to be a cashier at your local grocery store, you could write down “cashier.”

Employment – Most employers want to see what kind of working background that you have. In this category, they are going to want to know about the title of the job that you’ve held in the past, the supervisor that had watched over you as well as the date of employment when you worked with that particular company. On top of that, they will ask about the salary and the reason for leaving.

References – The last thing on the application is going to more than likely be the references. Here, you’re going to note the references that you feel comfortable giving out. You’ll include the names, the job titles and the relationship that you have with this particular person.

Quick Tips to Know
– Make sure that you never leave anything blank. If possible, just write “N/A.”
– Write clearly so that they can read your handwriting.
– Watch for spelling errors. It’s best to have someone proofread it.
– Always list your best references. They don’t have to necessarily be professional.

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