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SEO has many delicate aspects that might be not easy to grasp. There are also many contradictory facts about SEO and website promotion. “Content is the king” some say, “Keyword density is extremely important factor” say others, “Put your efforts into the link building instead” say a guru on the forum you’ve just read. Who should you trust? How can you put up all these things into your head and concentrate on what is really important?

We are glad to let you know about our Ultimate SEO Tutorial 2010 – the long and detailed overview of what is important in the nowadays SEO methods, what is useless (like the keyword density) and what should be avoided. We expose all working and white hat techniques and tell you about on-site and off-site strategies that can improve your position in the search engine and provide a constant flow of targeted visitors.

No magic really, don’t expect miracles. This isn’t a usual marketing stuff that simply tries to sell you something. This tutorial is free, no strings attached. Our goal was to systematize the fragmentary and contradictory information and classify it into the single SEO tutorial. Enjoy!

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Vacation Rentals vs a Hotel

Posted by | November 17, 2009 | Sponsored Posts

Sometime you just have to get away. If you are able to break away from the job search or the daily grind, I highly recommend heading up to the mountains. From northern Georgia to western North Carolina are some really secluded and quiet vacation cabins.

We stayed at a place we found online. A three bedroom log cabin, with huge hearth & fireplace, an outdoor jacuzzi, full kitchen and wrap around scenic deck. There are several activities within a few miles such as horseback riding and class 3 river rapids. The river tour is in a two person kayak with a guide that is fun and refreshingly scenic.

Booking this cabin was comparable in price to a night in a much smaller room at a luxury hotel. When I head to Northern Georgia I like to stay near Helen. Another place if the mountains are not your thing, maybe you just might like the beach. Crescent beach is close to St. Augustine. Quiet yet close to the attractions that make the ancient city a great stop.

Take a look at vacation home rental for a list of places to book online.