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The application that gives you the dream job -7 concrete advice

Posted by | March 21, 2017 | Job Search

It is easy to make unnecessary mistakes when writing your resume. How should you formulate your resume to get your dream job? Lets us at JobShouts guide you in how to write a really good application.

The cover letter is a complement to your resume where you get the opportunity for a clearer way to describe yourself as a person, your goals, strengths and aspirations. Explain why you are looking for the advertised service and tell  why you are seeking a new job. Please describe how your qualities and skills could be suitable for the service. It should be positive, demonstrating self-confidence as well as you should declare how much they want the service or work for the current employer.
In a resume you should give an accurate picture of your skills and strengths and present yourself in a positive way. Begin by determining the typography, size and format. Make sure it is well organized in a thoughtful, readable and clear manner as it contains lots of information. Clarity makes it easier for the recipient to read your resume. Keep it simple and happy and restrict the use of different colors, fonts and sizes. Also add a representative photo of yourself.

The 7 tips:

  1. Adapted. Put yourself in the recipient’s situation should be reading your application. It should quickly indicate why you are applying for this job. When the recruiter reading hundreds of applications reads your resume it is important to state it early so that they can quickly find the most important parts of the first application.
  2. Structure. Make it easier for the recipient to read your letter by making your application nicely lined up, just in time airy and written in plain simple language. Use the same font and size, and avoid colors.
  3. Read up on the employer – even before you write your application. This is to be able to adapt your application and to be able to tell what benefit you will be able to do in your new workplace.
  4. Contact details. At the top of each page, enter your contact information and happy birth. You can also insert your image. It is important to double-check that your details are correct so that the employer can contact you.
  5. Further information. Finally, take up your language skills, computer skills and a little about your interests.
  6. Length. Your application should not be too long. A page with a personal presentation which you also tell us why you think you are suitable for this job, and a side that lines up your hiring and training records, in chronological order with the most recent at the top. Do not hide your past work experience behind great titles, it is better to describe what you have done and what you have achieved.
  7. Check. Double check that there are no typos or dangling modifier in your application. When you are completely satisfied with your resume, ask a friend to critically read through your CV.

A well-planned application, which clearly shows why you are suitable to work increases your chances of getting your dream job.

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